Sheriff Callie's Wild West Party Games

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Disney Junior has a hit program on it’s hands, hot off the heels of last year's mega smash Sofia the First. This time, the lead character is a calico cat named Callie, and she is the star of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. Along with her friends Peck and Toby, she helps the townsfolk who live in Nice and Friendly Corners. This is the first western program aimed at the preschool set, and it teaches young children life lessons that are applicable for today, but the setting is different.

Being kind, helping others, and telling the truth are just some of the things that the characters of this show teach in every eleven minute episode. Add a bit of country music to the mix and the kids are thoroughly entertained.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Party Games-Ideas for a Western party

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Because this is such a huge success, parents have been planning western themed parties for their children. Here are Sheriff Callie’s Wild West party game ideas that would fit in perfectly with the theme.


People believe that the pinata is a game of Hispanic origin, but history reveals otherwise. It actually is a game that came from China in the mid 16th century when Marco Polo came upon it.

The Chinese put in brightly colored paper animals, and when the tradition went to Europe, it evolved into treats and trinkets. The custom moved to Mexico during the era of explorers. Today, it is a popular party game for children everywhere.

Some key things to keep in mind if you decide to have a pinata at your party is to give each child a bag with his or her name on it to store the goodies and to make sure everyone gets a chance to get some. Keep some candy in reserve in case one or two children do not get as much as the others.

Sheriff Callie's Wild West inspired pinata

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Toby inspired pinata

Stick Horse Relay Races 

Sheriff Callie party games-stick horse races

Relay races are a classic game that has been played at many parties over the years. Put a western twist to it by having the children line up in teams and gallop from one end to the other. This can also be part of a mini obstacle course that involves other kind of movement.

Hot Potato

Do you remember the game “Hot Potato?” The children sit in a circle and an object (not a potato) is passed around until the music stops. Whoever is holding the potato is “out” and the game resume until there is one person left. For this theme, you can pass around a stuffed horse, a pink hat, a white cat or a pink bandana. The winner can keep the prize.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey 

This is another party game that goes back decades. Instead of a donkey, trace a giant cactus and pin the red hat on Toby or a trace Callie and pin a pink cowgirl hat onto her.

Balloon Pop

Another fun game for kids to play is “Balloon Pop”. It is non-competitive and a bit loud. Before the party, blow up brown, pink and green balloons (each color represents one of the three main characters). Put the balloons on the ground and tell the kids to sit on them and pop them.

Cow Toss

Cow toss game for Sheriff Callie party-get a bucket or large box and write "Milk" on it.

For the game of Cow Toss, get a stuffed cow and a bucket. Kids can try to toss the cow into the bucket. This can be a part of a relay race game of a game by itself.

Horseshoe Game

Horseshoe game for Sheriff Callie party

Horseshoes is a classic game that kids can play. In fact, on one episode of the show, Peck, who could not win at anything until he found his calling with a game of horseshoes, became a very bad winner when no one could beat him. His friends stopped speaking to him and eventually, he learned that being a gracious winner and teaching others how to play is the best way to act.

This set includes both rings and horseshoes, so the kids can toss one or the other.  You can buy two sets and more kids can play at the same time.

These ideas for Sheriff Callie's Wild West party games will make the day more fun for all of your guests.

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