Disney Descendants 2 Party Ideas

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Fans of the hit 2015 Disney Original Movie, Descendants, have been waiting on pins and needles for two years for this moment...the premiere of Disney Descendants 2! This long-awaited sequel has our many of the original has many of the favorite characters returning-Mal, Evie, Ben, Jay and Carlos. Each of them have a different appearance than in the first film, as they have grown and changed.

The plot of the film is pretty simple. Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, was raised to be bad but has turned good since attending Auradon Prep. However, her natural habits have been repressed and Mal is finding it increasingly difficult to live with the royal rules that her boyfriend, Prince Ben, finds so natural. Mal decides to return to her home, the Isle of the Lost, where she was once in charge of the island's evildoings.

Disney Descendants 2 party ideas for kids

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However, in her absence, a new young villain has taken charge. Uma, the daughter of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, is very upset that she was not asked to go with the others and attend Auradon Prep. She takes her malice, recruits two other malcontents-Harry (son of Captain Hook) and Gil (son of Gaston)-to be a part of her pirate gang. Their goal is to wreck havoc on Auradon. Will Mal be able to resist with what she is so familiar?

Of course, viewers already know the answer to this question..this is Disney after all! But that will not stop millions of viewers from checking out the action and falling for the characters all over again.

Kids will be wanting to have either a Descendants 2 premiere party of a Descendants 2 birthday party. Here are some ideas for you to have a fun one.

Disney Descendants 2 Party Invitations

Good old fashioned invitations you can hold in your hand and place on the refrigerator will never go out of style...especially if it is mailed to a child. It is so exciting to get something that you can hold in your hand that is addressed to you!

Descendants 2 party invitations come in a package of 8.

Disney Descendants 2 party invitations package of 8

Disney Descendants Balloons and Paper Goods

Setting the table for your party is one of the easiest ways to create a party theme.

Disney Descendants 2 Party Package with balloons, table covers, cups, plates and more

This party package includes:

  • 8 Lunch Plates
  • 8 Dessert Plates
  • 8 Paper Cups
  • 1 Plastic Table Cover
  • 16 Beverage Napkins
  • 16 Lunch Napkins
  • 1 Happy Birthday Card
  • 4 Black 11 Inch Latex Balloons
  • 4 Baby Blue 11 Inch Latex Balloons 
  • 4 Purple 11 Inch Latex Balloons
Another option to decorate the table is to have this party set.

Descendants 2 Birthday Party Decorating Kit Bundle

This kit does not contain paper plates and cups, but has other decorating options for the table and surrounding party area. It includes:

  • 1 Table Decorating Centerpiece Kit
  • 1 Swirl Decorations Kit (12 Pieces)
  • 1 Descendants (original movie) 18 Inch Mylar Foil Balloon
  • 6 Baby Blue 11 Inch Latex Balloons
  • 6 Purple 11 Inch Latex Balloons
  • 1 Happy Birthday Card
Descendants 2 Activities and Games to Play

We live in an age of instant pictures, so why not have your guests take photos of themselves with the cast of Descendants 2?

Disney Descendants 2 Scene Setters Wall Decorating Kit-have guests take pictures with the cast

Adults can take all kinds of pictures with the kids being in front of the cast. You can create a Shutterfly account for them to view them all late. But while at the party, print one of each guest by themselves in front of this. Then place it in a foam frame.

Disney Descendants 2 party crafts

Have children decorate the frame with Descendants stickers. These come with 300 per package.

Disney's Descendants Set of 300+ Customising Stickers 6 Sheets

Disney Descendants party ideas-stickers for a picture frame or for goody bags

Pin the Badge on Evie Game

Disney Descendants 2 party game-Pin the Badge on Evie

This game includes 8 stickers, one blindfold and the poster to do the pinning. A twist on a classic game!

Decorate a Pirate Hat

In this film, the villains are pirates. Why not have your guests make their very own pirate hat?

Disney Descendants 2 make a pirate hat party craft

If you wish to add a bit of Ursula to the hats, jazz your craft up with these peel and stick rhinestones.

Disney Descendants 2 party craft embellishments for the pirate hat

Food to Serve

Of course, you will want to have a Descendants 2 cake or cupcake topper. There are many choices.

Descendants 2 Party Favors

If you choose to hand out party favors, you can put in all kinds of red, blue or turquoise candy. Or you can use this party favor sets that has 48 favors.

Disney Descendants 2 party favors

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