Elena of Avalor Party Ideas

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This summer The Disney Channel premiered a brand new television series for children entitled Elena of Avalor. While she is not related to Princess Sofia the First, viewers will learn in a movie to debut this fall the entire backstory of the amulet and how it came to be.

Disney princess Elena of Avalor Party Ideas-Games, Food and More

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Princess Elena is a sixteen year old who was living a normal life as a princess with her parents and younger sister, Isabel untilan evil sorceress named  Shuriki came and killed her parents and overtook the kingdom they ruled. In order to protect the rest of the family from Shuriki, the Royal Wizard, Alakzar, places Isabel and her grandparents in an enchanted waiting to protect their lives. Elena goes after Sh but in order to be protected herself, she is placed inside the Amulet of Avalor that her parents gave Elena on her fiftieth birthday.

Once released from their enchanted spells 41 years later, Elena and her family are reunited. With her parents deceased, Elena is set to be crowned queen, but her grandfather Tito does not believe she is ready. Although she sets out to prove them wrong, during her quest she understands that she really is not ready for the job as Queen-yet. She appoints a Grand Council to help her make the important decisions that she will need to make as she grows into her role as an up and coming queen.

Children are going to adore Elena of Avalor and all of the new characters they meet in the show. Here are some ways for you to host an Elena of Avalor themed party.

Elena of Avalor Invitations

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Here is a birthday invitation that can be personalized with your daughter's information.
After you have selected the date and party venue, it is time to send out the invitations to your party. The postcard above can be customized with your address and be used as an invitation to your celebration. It is just one of several designs you can choose.

Disney Princess Elena of Avalor Postage Stamps for an Elena of Avalor Party

Mailing an invitation may seen old fashioned, but not everything that is old is a bad or out of date idea! Here is a beautiful Elena of Avalor postage stamp, one of six new designs that you can find on Zazzle. It can be customized as well.

You can find many Elena of Avalor products here on Zazzle. Just click on the picture of Elena to find them!

Elena of Avalor Party Supplies

Elena is the first Latina princess, and the colors that are used for her character reflect that. She wears a red dress and gown, so you may want to set the table with a festive red tablecloth and use orange and yellow paper plates and utensils to add contrast.

Elena of Avalor party supplies and decorations

Over the table and around the room you may want to hang this vibrant orange paper fan.

Elena wears orange flowers in her hair, so a spray of orange balloons and some floral ones will also be appropriate party decor.

Elena of Avalor party supplies-mylar balloon for your festivities!

Games to Play

Lots of fun party game can be played that will fit right into your theme.

Pass the Scepter

Elena of Avalor lighted scepter

Using this lighted party scepter, play the music and pass it around in a circle, just like the game Hot Potato. When the music stops, whoever is holding the scepter is out.

Freeze Dance

Put on some music from the show and start dancing. Trop the music and have the kids freeze in their positions.

Red Balloon Relay Race

Blow up red balloons-one for each team and some extra in case they pop. Children will place the balloon between their knees and walk to the other end and back. Then they give the balloon to the next person in line. The first team to finish wins.


This classic party game has Latino origins, so it is just right for your party! Here is a themed pinata featuring Elena. Fill with wrapped red, orange and yellow candy.

Elena of Avalor party ideas-pull string pinata

Mystery Package

Before the party, create a nesting set of boxes,  Wrap each box. Have the guests sit in a circle and play music. When the music stops, that child gets to open up the first box. Continue until the last box is opened. In that box, there will be a small prize for each child in the game. Make it the same to avoid conflict.

Food to Serve

Elena of Avalor birthday cake topper set

Serving birthday cake is a long standing tradition. Create an Elena of Avalor cake by placing these play figures at the top. When the party is over your daughter has them to play with.

Cupcake Picks

Turn an ordinary cupcake into a themed one with these cupcake decorations.

Elena of Avalor birthday party supplies-cupcake picks

Elena of Avalor Cake Toppers

On the link below, which takes you to eBay, you will find custom sheet cake toppers for your child's cake like this one.

Elena of Avalor customized edible cake topper

Elena of Avalor Party Favors

For those who love giving guests a parting gift, there are many different
Elena of Avalor party favors available.

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