Disney Puppy Dog Pals Party Supplies

Kids of all ages love dogs, especially puppies. If you have a preschoolers, then you may be well aware o a show that premiered last April entitled Puppy Dog Pals. Featuring pug puppies (and brothers) Rolly and Bingo, these two travel to all kinds of places near and far on great adventures. The duo are often joined by a purple cat named Hissy and their owner Bob's robotic dog named A.R.F. LIke all Disney Junior shows, each episode is really two 11 minute stories that teach children life lessons such as loyalty, friendship, and helping others to make the world a better place. 

Disney Junior's Puppy Dog Pals Party Ideas

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If you child is enamoured with this show, here is how you can host your own Puppy Dog Pals party.

Pug Birthday Party Invitations

Start the theme off on the right foot with a pub birthday party invitation. These are just of the few customizable choices available on Zazzle.

Puppy Dog Pals Party Supplies

Whether you are at a party venue or at your home, one thing that makes the table come alive are themed paper goods and decorations. Disposable plates and napkins make your job as the party host easier. Just use and toss! Clean up is easy and if you are having the celebration in your home, easy is exactly what you will need after having a dozen or more kids spend time in your abode. 

First, use this themed plastic covering for your table.

DIsney Puppy Dog Pals inspired party theme-pug tablecloth

Then, add the paper goods.

Disney Puppy Dog Pals inspired party supplies-a pug paper goods package

This pug party package for 16 includes lunch plates and matching napkins. Add a balloon at each place for both decor and a party favor. Or you can bunch them together for a fun centerpiece.

Paw Print Balloons for you DIsney Puppy Dog Pals party

Games to Play at Your Party

The most important part of hosting a children’s party is to have no down time. When children are not actively engaged, they will find other things to do to keep them busy, and that may not be what you want them to be doing!
After the guests have arrived, it is time to play games. Be sure to have a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities planned in case the weather does not cooperate and you have to change your plans. Be prepared for everything, which includes overplanning.

Freeze Dance

You can download songs that are dog themed for a dance party. Then stop the music at various points and have the kids freeze in funny positions.  Some doggy inspired ideas:
  • Who Let the Dogs Out?
  • Scoooby-Doo theme song
  • You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog
  • Me and you and a Dog Named Boo
Pet Item Relay Race

Divide the children into two teams. At one end of the yard have a bucket of dog and cat items for each the team (these can be donated to a local shelter after the party). The kids have to race to one side of the yard, get the animal items, and bring them back to their side.


Divide the children into two teams. Have an adult for each team throw a bean bag across the lawn. The child runs to retrieve it and hands it back to the adult so s/he can throw it for the next child. The first team to complete all of their turns is the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

Your child can help you cut out bone shapes from neon colored card stock (this makes them easier to find). Have them hidden around the house or in your yard. Give children a paper bag to collect their bones and let them search!

Other games you can play that relate to this theme are:

Hot Potato (use a stuffed dog or car or both to make it doubly challenging)
Pin the Tail on the Dog or Cat

Puppy Dog Pals Party Crafts

If your guests are old enough, you can have a fun craft for them to make.
One thing kids love to do is decorate cupcakes and cookies. Again, here is another party preparation idea for your child and you to do together that will create memories as you prepare for his or her special day.

Bake dog bone cookies together. Make sure to bake extra so that you can have a snack together when you are done cleaning up! Give each guest two cookies to decorate with white icing and dog bone candy. These can be wrapped up to be taken home as a party favor or served as part of the food being served. If the child is going to eat it at the party, be sure to label the paper plate s/he used with the name so everyone gets the cookies that were decorated by him or her.

Paint a Dog Bone

Kids can make their own magnet by having them color or paint this wooden dog bone. Make sure their name in on the back and after they are done coloring it, add a magnetic strip.

Puppy Dog Pals party craft-paint a dog bone and make it a magnet

Make a Charm Necklace or Bracelet

This is an easy craft for children who are ages four and up. Buy pony beads in assorted colors and elastic. Before the party, cut the elastic to the size you want and knot them at the end. This knot can be cut off before you tie the two ends together.

Place the beads in plastic bowls in front of each child. Give him or her a few of these dog charms to put on his or her necklace. When they are done, place them in a plastic bag with the child's name on it in Sharpie or the child can wear it.

Puppy Dog Pals party craft-make a necklace with a doggy charm and beads

Make a Tote Bag
Kids can create their own party favor by decorating these canvas tote bags. They come in bulk-12 to a set. Use paw print stampers, fabric markers and animal shaped foam stickers for children to use to make their own personal creations.

Food to Serve

Once the games and crafts are over, it is time for you to serve your guests something to eat and drink. In keeping with the theme, there is a variety of dog shaped graham crackers and fruit snacks from Keebler’s Scooby Doo line of treats. There is also bone shaped candy that comes prepackaged and can be set out on each guest's plate. Prepackaged goods insure that no one is going to hog all of the candy and cookies, leaving little for other guest to have.

Disney Puppy Dog Pals inspired cake topper

You can also serve the cookies you had the kids decorate if they are not going home as part of their favors and of course, birthday cake!

Disney Puppy Dog Pals Party Favors

The party is over and it is time for the guests to leave. If you are planning on giving your guests a favor, then make sure it is one that they will enjoy and the parents do not have to secretly throw out once their child is not paying attention. There are some great consumable favors like temporary tattoos and animal stickers that kids will adore receiving. Even a little bit of candy is a fine idea as long as you are not going overboard.

These Disney Puppy Dog Pals Grab and Go packs have crayons, a sticker sheet and a mini coloring book. There are 12 to a set.

As a mother and a teacher, I have always believed that a book is one of the best gifts you can give a child. It will not break, it is useful, it is portable, and books are something that a child cannot have to much of! You can leave it in the car, in the travel bag, or by a child's bedside to look at during rest time. After seeing the film, kids will love to relive their favorite parts when they open up the book.

Puppy Dog Pals party favor

These child-friendly versions of films help children relive the film over and over again, all while practicing their reading skills. Plus, they are an affordable favor to hand out to each child.

Creating the perfect Disney Puppy Dog Pals party is both fun and easy!

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