Caillou Birthday Party Ideas

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If you have a preschooler who loves the PBS Kids show Caillou, then you might want to host a Caillou birthday party. Caillou premiered in Canada in 1998 and was then aired in the United States on PBS in 2000. It has ran here for many years, making this bald headed little boy a beloved character to base a young child's birthday party.

Ideas for hosting a Caillou themed party-games and more

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Caillou Birthday Party Invitations

There are different kinds of birthday invitations.  You can buy premade invitations to save you time.  They come in packs of eight.

Caillou Birthday Party Invitations 8 pack

If you are more creative, you can cut and paste pictures of Caillou and save them onto your computer. Then you can create your own custom invitation and print them right at home. You can have your child help by selecting the picture she or he wants to include on the birthday party invitation. The PBS kids website has it's own Caillou section with coloring pages and other printables for you to use for your invitations.

Paper Goods and Decorations  

An alternative to napkins, plates, cups and table cloths that feature Caillou and friends is to use the colors red, yellow and blue for your tableware. These are the three colors of Caillou's clothing and fit the theme perfectly. You can even have your guests get into the spirit of the Caillou birthday party and dress in these three primary colors!

Caillou birthday party supplies-deluxe party pack come with everything you see here.

Party packs, like the one pictured here, have everything you need for your gathering and makes for one stop shopping for the parent planning the festivities.

Decorations for your celebration can also be the same three primary colors. Get red, blue and yellow balloons, party hats, noisemakers, and streamers and go to town!

Caillou birthday party ideas-balloon bouquet

Games to Play 

Caillou themed games are sure to be a hit at the party. Here are some ideas:

Dinosaur Egg Hunt 

Rexy the dinosaur is one of Caillou's best friends. You can buy egg shaped chocolate and hide it outside or around your house. Give the children bowls or buckets and have them find the dinosaur eggs!

You can also hide plastic eggs and place candy inside as a treat for you dinosaur egg hunt.

Caillou Pinata

Play the classic pinata game filled with red, yellow and blue candy or toys.

Teddy Bear Race 

Teddy is a bear that Caillou loves. You can have relay races out side and the children have to run with the bear and pass it to the next child.

An alternative to this type of teddy bear race is to have a box of Teddy Graham crackers. Have a cup at the opposite end of the yard. Each child has to take a teddy graham cracker and put it in the cup. The first team to put in twenty (or any other number you decide) Teddy Grahams wins.

Pass the Cat

This is a "Caillou" version of hot potato. Put on some music and pass the cat-Caillou's feline friend, Gilbert. When the music stops, the person holding the cat is out.

These three games will make any birthday party fun!

Caillou Cake

A themed cake is a real winner at this themed birthday party. If you are doing one from scratch, it should be fairly easy to make, since Caillou has a large round head. Just bake a round cake or two, ice it in white, and use candy and black licorice for the face.  An edible cake topper is perfect for topping a rectangular cake that you bake.

Another idea is to purchase an edible cake topper featuring the main character.

Party Favors

A party favor that is not hard to find are books. There are plenty of board books and paperbacks that feature Caillou and his friends. You can add some candy treats in the primary colors for a festive touch to you bag. Do it in groups of four, since he is four.

Caillou is a totally relatable child for preschoolers, making this the perfect theme for your next birthday party.

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