Clifford the Big Red Dog Party Ideas

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The character, Clifford the Big Red Dog, lends itself to many birthday party ideas for young children. Created by Normal Bridwell in 1963, Clifford had been a popular picture book series for children under the age of seven for many years. In 2000, PBS aired original cartoon episodes based on the book series. For over three years, original episodes were created and aired. Reruns of Clifford air daily on many PBS stations across the country, continuing his popularity.

Clifford the Big Red Dog Birthday Party Ideas

and altered by the author in Picmonkey

Despite his size, Clifford is a gentle and loving animal. That is why children love him and having a birthday party with a Clifford theme would be a hit with kids.

Birthday Party Invitations

Since the show is not as popular as it was back when it debuted, Clifford themed birthday party invitations can still be found online.

Clifford the Big Red Dog birthday party invitations

What Guests Should Wear to the Party

If you want your guests to stay with the theme, you can ask them to wear red! If they do not like that color, then ask them to wear any clothing item that has a dog on it.

Clifford the Big Red Dog Birthday Party Decorations and Paper Goods

Colorful balloons fit the theme of your party, like these that feature our favorite canine!

Clifford the Big Red Dog Balloon Bouquet

Use a white plastic or paper tablecloth as your base. For paper or plastic plates, use red ones. Napkins should be white, and forks and spoons should red, so the contrast stands out.

For a centerpiece, have red and white latex balloons. Since your child loves Clifford, chances are she has a stuffed animal or two of her favorite character. Set them in the middle of the table.

If you want to make the table appear more grown up, make place cards for each child. Write his or her name on an index, place a Clifford sticker next to it, and fold.

You can also decorate with red and white streamers in the room in which you are eating.

Games to Play 

Children love to play games, and with some adult help, you can keep the kids busy in a manner that fit’s the theme of your party.

Play Red Rover

A classic children’s game, play Red Rover, Red Rover in your backyard.

Play Fetch

Clifford is a dog and dogs play fetch. You can set the children up into two teams or three, your choice. Each team needs their own brightly colored ball that is not the same color as the others. At the sound of “Go”, the child who is second in line will throw the ball as close to a designated mark as possible. The first child in line will “fetch” it and bring it back to that child. The third child in line will now throw it for the second child, who will now fetch the ball. Continue doing this until all children have had a chance to throw and run.

If you feel the kids will not be able to throw far enough, have adult volunteers throw the ball for each team.

Buried Bone Scavenger Hunt

Dogs like to bury bones, and Clifford is no different! You can cut out colorful dog bone shapes out of cardstock or construction paper and hide them all over the house or yard. Have children find them and bring them back to you. To make sure they have found them all, you can number them and the lay them out to see if they are all there. This is a cooperative game, not a competitive one.

Crafts to Do  at Your Party

If you like to craft and want to incorporate one into the party, here are some simple ones that you can do.

Make a Necklace

This is a very easy project to do.


Lanyard or Elastic

Bowls to hold beads

Children can string together a red bracelet or necklace. This is best for older children who will not put the beads inside their mouths.

Make a Bookmark

Clifford got his start in books, so why not make a bookmark to keep your place?


Clifford the Bi Red Dog party craft make a bookmark

Clifford the Big Red Dog party craft stickers

Dog and cat themed party stickers

Bowls for stickers

Here is another simple craft that children will love to do. Just have the children select the color they want and create a design with the stickers.

Food to Serve

You can find two easy to serve foods for your child’s Clifford party. Red juice boxes are a refreshing treat and can be served in assorted flavors.

Red fruit, such as strawberries, apple slices, grapes, and watermelon make an attractive and thematic fruit tray. Red candy, such as licorice, can also be placed on the table.

Clifford Birthday Cake

A birthday party must have cake. You can create many different ways to make your own Clifford cake. 

Clifford the Big Red Dog personalized cake topper

An easy way to to bake or buy a plain rectangular sheet cake and use this edible Clifford cake topper on it. This item can be personalized!

Clifford the Big Red Dog Party Favors

The best party favor is one that is not junky, won’t break, and can be used over and over again. For a Clifford party, the best goody to hand out as a thank you to the guests is a Clifford book. 

A book is the best Clifford the Big Red Dog party favor!

Using these Clifford the Big Red Dog birthday party ideas will make your child’s party a hit with her and her friends.

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