Disney Moana Party Ideas

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On November 23, 2016, Disney captured the magic once again as it introduced it’s very first Polynesian lead character. Moana, which means “ocean” in the Hawaiian and Maori culture. The movie is about a teenage girl lived two thousand years ago. She learns to navigate the ocean in order to prove that she, too, can be a wayfinder like her ancestors. She also wants to finish their quest, which was left incomplete many years earlier.

Disney's Moana Party Ideas-Games, Decorations, Crafts and more

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In order to finish the quest, she must leave her people-including her beloved parents. Along with her pet pig Pua, Moana leaves her family home in order to save her people. Along the way meets the demigod Maui, about whom her grandmother told her about as a child when she regaled to Moana tales of his achievements. Together they will face storms, sea creatures and other barriers to overcome.

Moana, through her strength and determination, will overcome whatever obstacles she meets-a true modern day princes (even if the film takes place long ago).  Children will love to have a Moana inspired party to celebrate their next birthday.

Here is how you can host your very own Moana party.

Moana Party Balloons

Kids love balloons! Here is one that works perfectly for your party.

Moana Invitations

Zazzle has a line of Moana birthday party invitations that will fit your party's theme!

Set a Tropical Table

A gorgeous themed table does not have to cost a fortune. Simple things like the raffia table skirt and popping orange plates and lime green plastic utensils take an ordinary table and transform it into a night in the tropics. Kids will walk into your home or backyard and think they are in a totally different place.

Princess Moana Party Supplies-an inflatable cooler

Keep drinks cold (like Hawaiian Punch, pineapple juice or pony waters) in this fun inflatable cooler.

If you want Moana on your paper goods, you can find everything you need right here, starting with packages of 8.

Games to Play

As part of your party plan, you are going to need some fun games to play.

Pineapple Bean Bag Toss

Use this inflatable pineapple pool float and either have a person hold it or tie it to a tree. Have kids take turns throwing bean bags through it. Start close, and after each child's had a turn, move the place where you throw a bit farther away. See who can get it through the middle at the greatest distance!

Disney Moana Party Games-Bean Bag Toss through the pineapple

Shell Necklace Relay Race

Moana wears a shell necklace and you can use this as the basis of this fun relay race. You need to figure out how many teams you will be having based on how many children you are hosting. 

Have one adult on one end and the teams lined up far away on the other. Give each child a shell necklace (which can also be a party favor). When you say “Go!”, the child runs to the adult, places the shell necklace around his or her neck, and then goes back to the team. The first team to finish wins.

Disney Moana party favors-shell necklace that can be used for a party game.

Keeping the necklaces on the adults, have the children do another race where they have to take the necklace from the adult and run (or hop, jump, skip-you decide) back until all have taken back their necklaces.

Hula Freeze Dance 

Give each child a grass skirt. 

Disney Moana party supplies and favors

You can teach them some basic hula moves-here are some short videos to show you how.

Put on the Moana soundtrack or some other Hawaiian music and have the kids dance. Then turn off the music and have them freeze in that position.


Limbo is a fun and easy game to play at any party. Using a broom or other stick, have the kids walk under to themed party music.

Pass the Pua

Using a Pua plush toy, play “Hot Potato” with it.

Fill the Cup Race

Disney Moana party favors and games for a Moana themed party

Set of 50 Plastic Hibiscus Drink Cups from Amazon

Using these tropical cups, you can have the children fill them with a bunch of different items. For example, have a cup at each place at the table, a pair of children’s play tweezers and mini marshmallows on a plate for each child (the same amount). See who can fill the cup up first.

Pass the Fishhook

Disney Maui costume lighted fishhook from the film Moana

Put on some Polynesian music and pass this authentic Maui lighted fishhook around.

Crafts for Your Party

Many parents like to provide a craft for the children as another activity to do before the food is served. Here are some very easy ones to plan!

Ocean in a Bottle

A fun activity for kids to do is to make an Ocean in a bottle. Here is how to make it with three ingredients. You will need:

  • An water bottle 1/3 full for each child
  • Canola oil
  • Blue food coloring
  • Duct tape
  • Funnel
  • Fish beads (optional)

Have each child put in a few drops of food coloring. An adult can close the lid tightly and then the child can shake it. Open the lid and fill almost to the top with oil. Recap the lid and tape shut with duct tape. Then let the shaking fun begin!

Disney Moana party craft-add fish beads to your homemade ocean in a bottle.

If you want to add some pizzazz to this project, add plastic fish beads before closing the lid and taping it.

Sand Art

Older children will enjoy doing this activity. Make sure you have newspaper on the table for easy clean up if you are doing this activity indoors.

Disney Moana party supplies-make a seashell sand art necklace.

Food to Serve at Your Disney Moana Party

After the games have been played, it is time to serve your guests something to eat. A healthy balance between healthy and a treat is easy to do with a tropical theme. You can serve:
  • Fresh pineapple, mango, papaya 
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Tropical flavored fruit snacks
  • Fish crackers
  • Hawaiian Punch

Disney Princess Moana party and cake ideas

Birthday cake is always served at a the party, and you can turn an ordinary sheet cake into a tropical masterpiece with this topper. It comes in six different sizes, including cupcake sized.

Disney Moana Party Favors

If you want to give guests a small gift at the end of the party, then why not give a book? 

Throwing a tropical themed Disney Moana birthday party is now easier than ever to do!

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