Hanukkah Party Games for Kids

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With eight nights of presents and family gatherings, a great way to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights is with Chanukah party games for kids.
These games can be adapted to suit the ages of your guests.

Hanukkah party games for kids and families

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The Dreidel Game
No Chanukah party would be complete without the kids and adults playing the dreidel game. All you need is a dreidel and some chocolate coins (gelt) or some other kind of wrapped candy.
Bulk dreidels for your Hanukkah party
A dreidel is a top with four Hebrew letters on it-Nun, Gimmel, Hay and Shin. The letters stand for Hebrew words which translate, "A great miracle happened there". Before starting the game, each player gets about ten coins and puts one in the pot (the middle). One person spins the dreidel and what happens next depends on the letter on which it lands:
Nun - nischt - "nothing" - the next player spins
Gimel - gantz - "all" - the player takes the entire pot
Hey - halb - "half" - the player takes half of the pot, rounding up if there is an odd number
Shin - shtel - "put in" - the player puts one or two in the pot
Everyone takes turns until either one person has all of the coins or you want to eat the chocolate gelt!
Gelt Hunt
Another fun game to liven up your Chanukah party is to have a gelt hunt. Take the wrapped chocolate coins and hide them around your house where you want the kids to be. Make sure you do not put it somewhere you will forget!
Kosher Nut Free Hanukkah Gelt
Give each child something to hold the gelt-a bag they decorated, a small container. When you say "GO!" the kids start hunting for the delicious chocolate coins. The game is over when they are all found.
Potato Latke Eating Contest
For the older kids and adults, a potato latke eating contest is a fun and tasty Chanukah party game that is sure to have everyone.
Pretty Hanukkah paper plates for your party make clean up easy.

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Because potato latkes are fried in oil, you may not want your guests eating so many that they will get sick at your house. Instead, try this variation for your Chanukah game. Give each person ten potato latkes. When the time goes off, the person who eats all ten the fastest wins!
Another way to do this: you can set a plate of twenty in front of each guest and see how many they can eat in one minute.
Pin the Candle in the Chanukiah
This Chanukah game for kids is a twist on the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. You can buy a ready made game in the store or make one yourself on poster board. Simply draw a Chanukiah with no candles in it. Be sure to laminate the poster board and candles if you wish to this game for your next Chanukah party.

Hanukkah Party Bunting can be used for years.

Latke Bingo
For this Chanukah party game, you will need to print out Chanukah bingo cards. Instead of "Bingo" you can make the cards say "Latke". You can play and letter or regular bingo. You can even use the bulk dreidels or gelt that you bought as markers for the game.
Hanukkah latke bingo game for kids to play

If you want to save time, you can order this ready made Latke Bingo game.

Hanukkah Mad Libs

Do you remember this from your childhood? Older kids and adults will get a kick out of filling out these holiday blanks. They are inexpensive enough that everyone can get their own as a party favor.

Hanukkah Mad Libs are great for you family party or to give as a small gift to tweens and teens.


Fill this dreidel pinata with blue and white candy, and of course, gelt. Hanukkah stickers and other small items will make this game filled with fun and laughter.

Dreidel pinata for your Hanukkah party

Hanukkah Party Favors

Since this is a family party, you may want to hand out favors as your gifts to the adults and as part of the gift for the kids. Here are a few fun ones:

Hanukkah Menorah eye glasses are a fun add on gift or Hanukkah party favor.

These Chanukah party games for kids will liven up the eight nights of Chanukah and bring more joy to your holiday gatherings.

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