Sofia the First Party Ideas

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Did your daughter fall in love with Sofia the First, the Disney Princess who premiered in the Disney Junior original movie Once Upon a Princess? The newest member of the regal line-up  was just a regular girl until King Roland fell in love with her mother, Miranda, and now she is royalty! Along with twin step-siblings, a new step-father and a new way of life, Sofia has a lot to learn and a new role to grow into.

Sofia the First party ideas for your little princess. Games, food to serve and crafts to make.

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With a beautiful lavender gown, a magical amulet that gives her special powers, jewels, a tiara and those adorable talking animals, it is no wonder why girls are clamoring to have this theme for their next party. In addition, the music that is played during the show is simply infectious! On top of all of the things Sofia has, she is genuinely kind to everyone she meets. Princesses have always been popular with girls, and a pint-sized one like Sofia is one that they girls all adore!

Here is how you can plan a Sofia the First party for your special girl.

Princess Sofia Invitations and Stamps

Every party needs a real invitation. Little kids should know the joy of getting an envelope in the mail addressed just to them! Sending out invitations that have the party them on it really sets the tone.
Sofia the First Birthday Invitation
Sofia the First Birthday Invitation by disney
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Why use boring stamps from the post office when you can really get into the party theme and create your own stamps! They will really make the invitation “pop”.

Imagine the delight that a little girl will have when she receives an actual piece of mail-addressed to her-with Sofia the First on the envelope!

Sofia: Princess from Within Postage Stamp
Sofia: Princess from Within Postage Stamp by disney
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This stamp is one of nine choices a fan of the purple princess has. It can be customized with different background colors.

Sofia the First Paper Goods and Decorations

When your guests arrive at the party, it should be fit for a princess! A pretty table will help put the girls in a royal mood.

Sofia the First Party Pack. Pieces can also be purchased individually.

Shindigz also has a complete line of Sofia party goods here. Many are on sale.

Princess Party Crafts

Most little girls love to craft, so having one or two planned during your Princess Sofia party fits the bill. Her are some ideas for you to try:

Decorate Princess Sofia Goody Boxes


Sofia the First party craft-decorate a purple goody box.

Purple goody boxes with each girl’s name written on the bottom in Sharpie

Paper bowls for each girl’s stickers

Give each girl one empty box and a bowl of sticker shapes. Have them cut out the pictures and glue them to the goody boxes. They can also use foam peel and stick stickers for additional decorations. While they are having snack, fill up their boxes with your goodies.

Decorate Princess Cookies

  • Pre-baked cookies -2 or 3 for each girl
  • Items to decorate the cookies, like princess sprinkles, in separate bowls with plastic spoons
  • Plate with each girl’s name on it
Give each girl two cookies and icing. Let them decorate the cookies any way they want. When they are done decorating, gently wrap them up so they can put them in their goody box.

Bead a Royal Necklace

  • Pink, purple and white pony beads
  • Elastic cord, already cut and knotted on one end
  • Bowl for beads

The girls will bead their own princess jewels.

Games to Play at Your Sofia the First Party

No party would be complete without some games! Here are a few to try at your soiree!

Freeze Dance

Put on the Sofia the First soundtrack and play freeze dance to it!

Hide the Shoe

Queen Miranda meets KIng Roland when he visits her shoe shop. Play a game called “hide the shoe”. Using Princess shoe party favors, hide them around the house. Give each girl the goal to find all the shoes and work together. Have a big basket to collect them all. At the end. count and make sure they are all there!


Food to Serve at Your Party

Some ideas for natural purple food:
  • Grapes
  • Organic grape fruit snacks
  • Clif Kids Twisted Fruit Ropes, grape
  • Brothers-All-Natural Princess Apple Crisps
  • Blue tortilla chips
If you do not care about food coloring, then you can serve anything you want that comes in purple!

Sofia the First cake topper

Tradition dictates that a birthday cake be served. There are many different Sofia the First edible cake toppers and decorations, including candles, that can make your cake fit for a princess!

Sofia the First Party Favors

There is no tradition that guests at birthday parties love more than receiving their goody bags at the end of the party! It's a little thank you gift for attending, and children love the surprise threats they receive inside the box or bag.

Planning your daughter's Sofia the First birthday party is going to be a lot of fun for you!

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