JoJo Siwa Party Ideas

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Who is that girl with the long blonde hair and the great big bow who can dance like no one's business?

It's JoJo Siwa, the tween queen sensation!

Photo of JoJo Siwa from By JoJo Siwa ( [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Background created by the author from Pixabay and Picmonkey

Parents of tweens who love to dance know who JoJo is. Once a dance on the Lifetime series, Dance Moms, JoJo moved out from the shadows of the other older dancers and has become a superstar in her own right. With her own line of clothing, hair bows and more, this YouTube singing dancing sensation is one of the most popular party themes these days. Girls want everything related to JoJo!

Here is how you can have a fun JoJo party of your own.

JoJo Siwa Party Supplies

The picture above is for a JoJo Siwa birthday party package for 16 guests. It include three mylar balloons-two heart and one Happy Birthday, as well as five latex balloons. A pink table cover will be the backdrop for the dinner plates, dessert plates and matching napkins that have her signature bow on them.

JoJo Siwa Party Activities

Whether we like it or not, this generation has grown up with taking pictures as an activity, no matter what they are doing. Why not take advantage of this and have the girls take pictures with a JoJo background and photo props?

JoJo Siwa party supplies-birthday picture backdrop for a fun activity

This is a fun and colorful backdrop for a fun activity. Girls can use the props in the photo on the right to create some silly and memorable pictures. You can upload them to Walgreens and share them with the parents of the other children. They can choose to print them, while you as the party parent can make a photo book of the pictures you took.

Make Your Own Hair Bow

Girls can make their own hair bows as a party craft. There are many ways that you can do this, and which one you choose depends on the age of your guests. The younger they are, the more simple you will want to make it.

For older guests, you can have them make their own hair bows with this tutorial. You only need a hot glue gun and some hair findings to finish it. It is best that you buy some ribbon in advance and practice to make sure it is something you can do.

Guests who are too young to make their own hair bow can make a different kind of hair pretty.

Make your own hair bows for your child's JoJo Siwa party

Girls can use tacky glue to adhere these bows to a Scunci hairband. If you feel they will not stick, then once the girl are done, have a party helper hot glue them down when the girls are having their cake and snack.

Bust a Bow Dance Game

Of course, girls are going to dance at a JoJo Siwa party. They can also play this Bust a Bow game.

JoJo Siwa Buat a Bow Dance Game for your party

This is a game that will have your guests busting a move (or a bow in this case).

Decorate a JoJo Inspired Bow Shaped Cookie

Decorating food is an edible craft. For the party, bake sugar cookies in the shape of bows with this cookie cutter.

Bake bow shaped cookies for your JoJo Siwa birthday party. Decorate in her favorite colors of pink, purple and blue.

Color white icing in her favorite colors of pink, purple and blue. Top them off with silver sugar like the one pictured below. Be sure to take a picture of each girl holding her cookies! 

Silver sugar to bling out your sugar cookies

Girls can also decorate these white treat boxes with markers, stickers and peel and stick rhinestones to make their own goody box to carry their cookies home.

Decorate a treat box as a party craft

JoJo Siwa Party Favors

Here is a fun party favor for your guests. This head bopper comes in different colors.

JoJo Siwa party favor-silly headbands

There are other fun JoJo Siwa items that you can give to your guests as party favors. 

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