Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

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One of the things that I have enjoyed as a mother is putting together birthday parties for my three children. Unlike most adults, they still get incredibly excited when their special day is about to arrive. I cannot get away from our family tradition of tying balloons to the mailbox so that everyone who drives by knows that it is their special day.

My younger children also insist that the house be decorated with signs and streamers. I know firsthand how quickly the sands of time slip away, and before I know it, I will be dropping them off at college and may not even be with them on their birthday.

Disney Frozen Party Ideas-Games, Food and More

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I have always asked my children what kind of theme they wanted for their birthday party. Typically, it has been whoever was popular during that year. Teletubbies, Powerpuff Girls, Barney and Barbie were all themes that my older daughter had when she was younger. For my twins, specialty party goods that featured Phineas and Ferb, The Wiggles, Hannah Montana (for my daughter) and SpongeBob Square pants (for my son) were themes that appear in party pictures taken long ago.

Disney' movie, Frozen, is a mega hit in its own category. With strong female leading characters and funny supporting male leads, children are still asking for a Frozen birthday party theme, years after the movie left the theaters. Here are some ideas for decorations, games, food and crafts that will be sure to make your Frozen birthday party a hit!

When to Send Out Invitations

Frozen Elsa Birthday Invitation
Frozen Elsa Birthday Invitation by disney
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You need to send out party invitations at least three weeks prior to your event. That gives parents time to clear calendars, find child care for younger siblings, and to change lessons or classes so that their child can attend the party if there is a conflict.

The RSVP date should be firm and one week before the date of the party. People can be forgetful and downright rude when it comes to replying to your invitation. While you will need to be prepared and accommodate for these last minute additions if your party is at home, venues need a firm head count to plan. 

Disney's Frozen Party Supplies

There is nothing like having a theme that makes the party planning easier! Pick a favorite character, television program or movie, and then your ideas can start to flow! Best of all, shopping for decorations and party supplies is made easier, because your child has already chosen the central theme. You just have to work your magic around it.

Both children and adults love themed parties! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Disney Frozen Deluxe Party Pack includes everything you see.

Games to Play at Your Frozen Party

One of the most important parts of the party is having games to play. I am personally not a fan of only playing games just one winner, especially with younger children. While it is true that everyone cannot win at everything, a party is one of those times that you just want everyone to have fun. Games can have winners and losers, but handing out prizes is not necessary, especially if you are handing out goody bags.

Here are some ideas for fun party games that are easy to put together and do.

Character Scavenger Hunt

  • One copy of each character per child, printed out on cardstock
  • Paper bag to keep found items

Before the party, cut out each character and hide in designated areas of the house. When it is time to play, explain that each child will find one of each character and place it in the bag.

This game can be done outdoors and indoors. When playing outdoors, tape the paper cutouts to swing sets, trees, and patio furniture. I did this with my children and they loved it!

Hot Marshmallow (An edible game)

Winter Party Game-Hot Marshmallow

Photo from Pixabay

  • Large plastic bag filled with marshmallows, one per child playing the game
  • Music

This is played just like Hot Potato, but with one difference. When the music stops, the child caught holding the bag gets to open it up and eat one! The winner is the last person to eat a marshmallow. If someone does not get a marshmallow to eat, then have extras on hand at for the end of the game.

Pin the Parts on the Snowman

  • Snowman drawn onto posterboard
  • Snowman parts-one per child. Hat, scarf, nose, eyes, pipe, buttons, etc.
  • Tape
  • Blindfold

This is played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Instead of tails, children have to pin items on the snowman. When it is done, take a picture of each child next to the snowman!

Snowman Wrap Game

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Hats (one per group)
  • Scarves (one per group)
  • Paper buttons (three per group)

The Snowman Wrap Game was featured on The Herald Extra’s Momclick column. It is played like the Mummy Wrap game, except you add accessories to make it a snowman instead!

Indoor or Outdoor Snowball Fight
Have an indoor snowball fight at your Frozen party.

Kids will have an awesome time tossing these Snowtime Anytime puffy snowballs at each other. They can keep one as a party favor!

Disney Frozen Party Crafts

Depending on the age of the children, you will want to recruit some volunteers to help with the party activities. Grandparents and siblings can help, as well as the parents of your children’s friends. don’t assume people will want to stay or if they stay, will want to help. Ask in advance if your friends can stay to help. If they say yes, then tell them exactly what they will be doing. By telling them this ahead of time, they will be less likely to “flake out” on you at the last minute, especially if they know exactly what they will be doing.

Crafts are a fun thing to do to keep little hands busy. With a winter theme, snowflake crafts fit in well. You can have the children cut out snowflakes from origami paper and paste them to large pieces of posterboard for their own winter collage.

Because Olaf is one of the characters, making snowman crafts is also an option. Children can make them using Styrofoam balls held together with a dowel and use markers to make the face or they can make them from marshmallows.

Food to Serve at Your Frozen Party

In keeping with the Frozen theme, of course you will want to serve foods that will keep children warm if the party is in the colder months. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows is a good beverage choice for older children-younger kids may not be able to handle a hot beverage, even if it is served warm. Kraft comes out with snowman shaped marshmallows when the weather gets chilly.

For guests who do not like cake (and yes, my kids have friends who are not cake eaters), snowman or snowflake shaped cookies will work for these children.

There is nothing like birthday cake-I love it! I have never understood parents who pass on this tasty treat, even if they are watching their caloric intake. How often do you have a birthday treat?

Disney Frozen edible cake topper

Cake is the centerpiece of the food you will be serving. Here are cake toppers, cupcake rings and snow inspired sweet treats for you to serve at the party!

Disney Frozen Party Favors

The games are finished, the crafts are dry, and the last bit of cake has been eaten. Send your guest off with a bag of goodies to say "thank you" for coming. A bag filled with goodies leaves everyone with a smile.

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