Beauty and the Beast Party Supplies and Favors

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In 1991, during the era that was to become Disney Studio’s animation renaissance, a film that captured the hearts of millions debuted in theaters. Beauty and the Beast, the classic story written by French author Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, was an instant hit with audiences. The movie, which was nominated for 21 Academy Awards and won two of them for Beast Soundtrack and Best Original Song, tells the tale of loving not what is on the outside, but loving someone for who he is on the inside.

Belle, the bookish outcast of her provincial French village, trades places with her captured father when he is taken prisoner in the enchanted castle. Due to the selfishness of the young prince, he and everyone who lives there became different-he became a beast, and his servants became inanimate objects. The enchantress who cast the spell gave the prince a rose entombed in glass. A petal would fall each year until he found someone who loved him despite his beastly appearance; then the spell would be broken. If no one loved him, they would remain in these new forms forever.

Beauty and the Beast party games, crafts, favors and supplies

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While captured, Belle and Beast fall in love with each other. When Gaston, the handsome and vain town hero wants Belle to be his wife, storms the castle with the villagers to kill the Beast, he is killed along with Beast. But Belle kisses Beast and he returns to his princely form. True love saves the day.

In March 2017, Disney released an live action version of Beauty and the Beast and it became an instant box office hit, closing in on a billion dollars in box off receipts. While having a Beauty and the Beast party has never gone out of style, it is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Here are some ideas for you daughter’s Beauty and the Beast party.

Beauty and the Beast Stamps

If you are mailing your invitations, here are some stamp designs that will make an envelope "pop".

Beauty and the Beast Party Invitations

There are many beautiful themed invitations for this party.

Beauty and the Beast Paper Goods and Table Settings

Creating the perfect tablescape is easy with the right accessories. You can go one of two ways. First, you can buy paper good that feature the animated Belle and Beast. Children will be very familiar with these characters.

The other thing that you can do is create a color coordinated table with a few simple accessories that make your table look like it belongs in Beast's dining room in the castle. Using the color theme from the movie, use a blue tablecloth as your base. At each setting, put a yellow plate and yellow utensils. For the final embellishment, use rose themed napkins like these.

Beauty and the Beast party ideas-rose napkins

Decorate your table with rose confetti.

Rose confetti for your Beauty and the Beast party table

Another item for your table is a gorgeous centerpiece. This play set from the 2017 movie doubles as a gift for your child. It includes everything you see and would be perfect for your table.

Beauty and the Beast tea set can be used as a centerpiece for your child's party.

Balloons also make a lovely centerpiece.

Beauty and the Beast Balloon Bouquet

Beauty and the Beast Party Games

What's a party without a few games to keep guests occupied? Here are a few that fit right in with your theme.

Book Relay Race

Belle loves books, and one of the things a future princess needs to do is walk with correct posture. Divide the children into groups and give each one the same book. They have to walk back and forth with the book on their head. 

Horse Relay Race

Belle races on her horse, Phillipe, throughout the movie. Divide the children into groups and have them gallop across the lawn using this inflatable horse.

Beauty and the Beast Party Game-Phillipe Horse Race

Book Scavenger Hunt

If you have a backyard, then you can hide books throughout it and have the children look for them. 

Create the Beast

On a large piece of oaktag, draw a picture of a man's face. On separate pieces of paper, have images of eyes, a nose, a mouth, a beard, ears, etc-one for each guest. Blindfold the guest and have him or her pin the body part on the face. Take a photo of the finished product!

Castle Pinata

Beast lived in an enormous castle. This castle pinata is perfect for your party. Fill it with yellow and blue candy.

Beauty and the Beast party game-pinata

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Crafts

In addition to games, a craft serves double duty. It is something to do as well as can serve as a party favor if you so desire. 

Paper Plate Roses

Here is a fun tutorial on how to make roses from paper plates.

Tissue Paper Rose

Here is a tutorial on how to make roses from tissue paper.

Paper Rose Craft

This tutorial has a downloadable template for kids to use.

Make a Princess Tiara

At the end of the movie, Belle becomes a princess. This craft kit contains 12 tiaras and 400 embellishments.

Beauty and the Beast party craft-princess tiaras

Decorate a Mirror

Beast has a magic mirror that permits him to see outside his castle. These mirrors come in packs of five. Decorate them with peel and stick jewels and have an adult hot glue a thick, colored craft stick to it.

Beauty and the Beast mirror craft for a party

Make a Bookmark

Have children create their very own bookmark.

These come 18 to a pack in two different styles. Peel and stick jewels, Disney stickers, or princess foam stickers can be used to decorate these.

Beauty and the Beast Party Favors

At the end of the party, you may want to give your guests a thank you gift for attending. Here are a few ideas.

Bottlecap Necklaces

Live Action Beauty and the Beast party favors

You can put one and a piece or two of candy in this organza bag.

Beauty and the Beast party favor Rose Lollipop

The perfect party favor!

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