The Secret Life of Pets Party Favors

As a child, I vividly remember the white plastic “loot bags” with the picture of a birthday cake and balloons on it being handed out at the end of a party. It was fun to get these little trinkets after celebrating a friend’s birthday. Back then, there was nothing fancy inside, just some candy and once in a while, a little toy.

Along the way, there have been moms are putting their collective feet down and are not handing out favors or goody bags to their guests. Some feel that the party is enough, while others do not want one more thing to plan or one more expense to accrue. They are annoyed at more sugar being given to their children after ingesting cake, cookies and ice cream. Cheap plastic bag fillers are also criticized as being unnecessary junk that will now clutter their homes.

But are all party favors bad?

Of course not! 

Party favors are not created equal. You can give a quality token of appreciation to your guests if you choose to that will not cost a fortune that  will also be appreciated by both parents and guests. As the party parent, it is your choice whether or not to give them out. 

And if you choose to hand out some candy or other edible treat as your favor, go ahead! They may not admit it, but many of those who won’t give their children sugar are probably eating the forbidden treats themselves. The key is to give them in moderation. No one wants to give a child twenty pieces of candy at once and then have to be the "bad one" to take it away when the child gets home. 

The point of handing out party favors is not to one up the other parents, but to give something that you want your guests to have. I totally understand not wanting you child to get a bag of plastic junk, I used to dislike receiving those due to the tears that happened when they eventually broke. There are quality favors out there.

And bear in mind you can simply give one quality item as a thank you instead of a bag of stuff. That will certainly be more appreciated than a hodgepodge of useless items.

The Secret Life of Pets Party Favors

One of my favorite gifts to give and for my children to receive is an activity book. Coloring helps with fine motor skills, as does peeling stickers. Placing stickers in the right place helps with hand-eye coordination. This coloring book comes with four crayons and many pages to fill in, as well as 50 stickers. It is gender neutral, so it can be handed out to both boys and girls.

The Secret Life of Pets Sticker Book with 200 stickers makes a great party favor.

Here is another fun activity book to hand out to your guests. This one contains over 200 stickers as well as some pages to color. For older kids, there are also some activity pages to complete.

The Secret Life of Party Favors temporary tattoos

Consumable party favors are the kind that parents won't mind. Use it once and it is gone! This is a set of 24 temporary tattoos that feature the main characters. You can give each guest one sheet or cut them into sections to place in the bag.

The Secret Life of Pets Stickers party favors pack of 24

Stickers have a special, magical power over children. Young ones are motivated to change behaviors using them and older ones love to get them on the top of the papers their teachers have graded. This The Secret Life of Pets sticker package has 80 stickers-four pages of 20. Kids can go home and do their own crafts with them.

Themed jewelry is another quality favor to hand out to your guests.

The Secret Life of Pets Bottle Cap Necklaces pack of 15 party favors

Bottle cap necklaces are all the rage. This set of 15 comes with a 20 inch chain and is made of alloy. 

The Secret Life of Pets Party favors-themed Pez dispensers pack of 12

If you want to hand out candy and a fun favor, then these classic Pez dispensers can be given out to each guest. It comes in a pack of 12.

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