The Secret Life of Pets Party Crafts

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Illumination Entertainment has another mega hit to add to their success list. The Secret Life of Pets has taken the nation by storm. Both children and adults  have fallen in love with Max, Duke, Gidget and the rest of the cast. According to the L.A. Times, this film has surpassed the opening box office receipts for any original film, including last years smash, Disney’s Inside Out

Children will be wanting a party based on the theme. While there are a ton of party supplies to help you decorate your home for your child’s The Secret Life of Pets party, you will need things to keep guest busy for the time they are with you.

The Secret Life of Pets Party crafts for your child's special day! Easy to make!

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Games and food are all part of your party plan, and crafts should be as well. Starting off the festivities with games that keep the kids active and gets all of their excited energy is is the best way to start. Then it is time for a calming activity, like a craft.

What Kind of Craft Should You Plan?

The best way to judge what kind of craft to do at your The Secret Life of Pets party depends on the age of your guests. What you plan for your preschooler will be different than what you will have your third grader do. Younger children will need a lot more assistance, while older children will be able to do a wider variety of tasks independently.

Always plan on having some kind of help at your party. Ask friends and family to be your extra eyes and ears to help the children who need it.

Before the kids sit down to craft, have a Sharpie ready to put the child’s name somewhere on it and have a place in your home set aside for them to dry or just stay out of the way. This should be somewhere near the door so it is nearby for when your guests are ready to leave.

Because a craft is something the child takes home, it can also double as your party favor, creating one less thing for you to do!

Here are some great party ideas for you to do at your Secret Life of Pets party.

Make a Picture Frame

Making a picture frame is a fun craft for the youngest children. The one thing you may want to do ahead of time is put the stickers into sandwich bags and write the child's name on it. It has been my vast experience that some children will take as many stickers as possible, leaving little for the others. By pre-bagging the peel and stick foam animal shapes, you can count out exactly how many each child will have. The bags do not have to have the same shapes, but the same amount. Kids love to count to see who has "more".

As for selecting the color, I tell my preschoolers, :You get what you get and you love what you get!"

Here is what you need:

The Secret Life of Pets party stickers for crafts

Make a Cat Magnet

Here is what you will need:

Here is a craft that is fun for older kids. It can be messy, so make sure you use washable paint. 

Before the party, have the craft table set up with a foam plate (they are heavier), a cat shape on top of it, a smaller foam plate for a palate, a paint brush, and a shallow bowl for water. You will also want to have a set of eyes and two magnetic strips in a snack sized baggie set aside for each guest. They can put these on when the craft dries so send them home with each child.

While you are running the games portion of the party, have another adult create the palates for the kids. Squirt three colors onto the plate and then fill the small bowls with water.

Kids will paint their cat whatever way they want. 

Make a Balloon Pet

This craft is fun and easy to do for kids of all ages. You will have to prep ahead of time by blowing up the balloons. The kit includes the balloons, the stickers and the bases.

Decorate a Cupcake

Here is what you need:
  • Cupcakes 
  • White icing and food dye
  • Plastic knives
  • Bone sprinkles
  • Cupcake holders
  • Cupcake rings

Kids love food and this is one way for them to make a treat and take it home. You will need to bake the cupcakes ahead of time so they are cool enough to decorate. You can buy or make your own white frosting and color it in a variety of colors. Place the bowls of frosting around the table, having more than one of each color. Keep it simple and limit it to three colors or some kids will want every one on the table on their cupcake!

Once the cupcakes have been iced, have children decorate them with:

Secret Life of Pets cupcakes-decorate with dog bone sprinkles.

Give each child a Secret Life of Pets cupcake ring to insert and then place each cupcake in an individual holder. Write the child's name on the top and s/he can take it home.

For more The Secret Life of Pets party crafts, you can read my complete party guide article here.

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