Welcome to Please Plan My Party

Welcome to Please Plan My Party!

This website has been created for busy parents who want to plan the perfect party for their child but do not have the time or desire to spend hours on online looking for ideas. I have done the work for you!

Each page is devoted to one particular character, television show, or movie. Children love to have parties centered around a favorite character, and each theme will have all kinds of ideas for you to implement.

Please Plan My Party-a Site for All of Your Children's Party Planning Needs. Themed party on the most popular characters.

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I have been, and still am, in your shoes. As a mother of three, I have planned more than my share of children’s birthday parties at home, a Bat Mitzvah and a B’nai Mitzvah, an at home Sweet Sixteen and a high school graduation party in my backyard. With children still living at home, I have many more parties to plan ahead of me.

Since 1987, I have been an early childhood and elementary school teacher. My entire life revolves around children, both at home and at my job. I know what is popular with children and what works for all age groups, since I presently teach everything from four year olds in preschool to eighth grade cooking. In addition, I have been my younger daughter's Girl Scout leader since 2008, so even my volunteer work involves children.

How to Use This Site

On the right, there is a sidebar with each theme listed. At the top, there are tabs that will link you to other children’s party themes within this site and on other sites where my work appears.

I hope these ideas work for you!

Party on!

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